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Journal Entry for 10/27

What photographer will you do your famous photographer on?

How could you copy the style of another photographer and make it your own?


This Week’s Assignment Photo One: Famous Photographer


You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, now is the time to actually do it!

Here’s a checklist on what you need to complete this assignment.

  1. Written Portion – To be done in a Word Document, double spaced, with appropriate spelling and punctuation.
  2. One page of biographical information in your own words, not copied from Wikipedia.
  3. One page on the photographer’s style. The same style that you will copy  in your own photographs.
  4. One half of a page on how you will attempt to copy the photographer’s style.
  5. A Power Point file with at least five images from your famous photographer
  6. In the same Power Point file, five pictures that you took, influenced by your famous photographer.

List your sources – Took that reference or quote from a Wikipedia entry did you? Then reference it in the appropriate way. Use the citation maker on the main screen that you see when you log into Internet Explorer.

You will have two weeks to complete this project.


Photographer of the Day: Geoffrey Ellis

Geoffrey Ellis publishes a zine called Sad Kids, which consists mainly of his photographs. Check them out, this guy love junk, the stuff people throw away, the subjects are those that have been ignored for a long time, and now bear the look of mistreatment.

But inside all of his pictures lies the bloody heart beat of every American.


Photo Two Only: Famous Photographer Redux

So most of you did Famous Photographer back in the halycon days of Photo One. This time for Photo Two, we are going to up the stakes, kick it up a notch, up the ante if you will.

This time you will find a famous photographer on your own, but somebody who is a professional photographer, someone whose main job in life is that of a photographer. You can choose anyone we’ve highlighted in class, or someone whose work you’ve always admired. There are a ton of Photographers on this site alone. Just typing in Photographer of the Day into the search tab above should provide you with plenty of photographers recent and ancient to do your  project on.

Once you choose your photographer, you will take ten pictures,that’s right, ten pictures and try to copy your photographer’s style in the most exact way possible. Look at the light, and the angles, the choice of subject matter.

Once you’ve cracked the code on your famous photographer, you will then, in great detail write a paragraph on each image you took and tell me how each picture matches up to the work of your famous photographer.

You will have two weeks to complete the picture taking of this very large task and one week to accomplish the written portion.

On the written portion, I want a detailed analysis of exactly how you copied the style of your famous photographer, and at the end a summary of what you learned in the process of doing this project.

Don’t be freaked out, think about all the tools you have, Open in Camera Raw, Making a Ghosted Image, the Fake Model Look, Selective Color, Making Clones of subjects, its all in the mind and heart and you’ve got boatloads of both!


Photo Challenge: Dictionary Project

For this week’s assignment you will take a picture of a word and its definition. That means that the definition must be present in the image, just like in the example above. You could take a picture of the definition from a dictionary, and then Photoshop the definition into the image like the artist did above, or you can grab a definition from The Free Dictionary.

The font that you choose for the image must fit in with what is going on in the picture, and in the definition.

Can’t find a font that works for you in Photoshop, try DaFont. Find the font you want, and I’ll load it onto your computer.

You want examples?

Here you go:

Turn it in as a jpeg!

This project/photo challenge is due on Friday!

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