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Photo Challenge: Famous Photograph Diptych

For your next assignment, you will find one famous photograph and place it in one panel of your diptych. For the 2nd photo, you will try to re-create this photo as close as possible to the original.

Examples: yes!

File Name: first_last_famous_photograph.jpg

The file should be posted to your flickr and dropped into my drop box on or before, May 12th, 2010.


This Week’s Focus Assignment: Photo Journalism Story

For this week’s focus assignment you will write the 500 word Photo Journalism story that will take five photos of for next week.

You want to choose a subject that you feel passionate about, and one that you could easily write five hundred words about, and take five pictures of. If you do not have access to a camera at home, you are not at a loss. On the contrary. Look at all the people here in this class with you. They all have stories, or their families have stories, where they came from, what made them who they are today. Our lives are rich with stories, now we just need to get the stories down on paper so that we can photograph them.

Examples could include first generation Ukrainian family members, where they came from, how they got out, and how they maintain their culture in a foreign land. Maybe someone you know is from Cambodia, maybe Vietnam, was there a way of doing things that is no longer here now. Maybe there is an item you could bring in, an heirloom from a family member, write about it, take pictures of it, where does it come from.

It could be about an up and coming sports start, maybe a friend of yours. An injury that sidelined an athlete for an entire season, and how it felt. The point is, stories are all around us, we just need to listen out for them.

This is not the assignment to rush through and turn it in at the last moment. The quality of this assignment will determine the quality of the net assignment.

The gist: The story should be one that can be accompanied by photographs. It’s the kind of combination of story and photographs that you would see in a newspaper. This week you write the story, next week you take the pictures.

A few things to look out for:

1. As you write this story (I prefer this to be a true story) think about what you would be taking pictures of. What are the moments in my essay that would be truly photographable.

2. If it doesnt exist in reality, make it happen. By bringing in objects, by arranging the light and how far away it is from the subject, we can start creating images instead of taking pictures.

3. Write about something interesting! You do not want to be in the situation where you are working on a story that you have no interest in creating! And always, ask me for help about possible ideas.

Newspapers that have examples of Photojournalism:

New York Times:

Washington Post:

Wall Street Journal:

The Guardian:

London Times:


A Wonderful Example of A Photo Essay, which is pretty close to what we are doing:

A more local example, done by a student last semester, and published in the Wolf Pack Review

Minimum of 500 words

file name: period number_firstname_lastname_focus_photo_journo.doc

This assignment is due into my drop box on or before May 12th, 2010


Photographer of the Day: Eric Guo

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