So it’s your first day and you are a little bit worried about using a blog for class. There’s tons of links and it all gets confusing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bookmark this handy guide to using the blog, and you will be well on your way to success in this class.

1.Assignments Page

All assignments will be displayed and discussed here. If you miss class for any reason, pick up your assignments here. In addition to the rules stated for each assignment, I have a few things I want turned in for every assignment.

a. The photo must be of your own work.
b. The photo must be in a .jpg format
c. The photo must be optimized for web

2. Tutorials

All of the tutorials used in this class will be posted here As a student in this class, you are responsible for every single tutorial. We will use tutorials as a way for us to get better as photographers, to obtain a certain effect for a photo challenge, and tutorials may even be brought up in your focus assignments.

3. FOCUS Assignments

Once a week, on a Friday, a focus assignment will be due. Descriptions of Focus Assignments can always be found here Focus assignments are short essays on a topic that we are covering in class that week. I will assign it on Monday, and it will be due at the end of the week on Friday. Focus assignments will cover material covered by Photographer of the Day, Photo Challenges, Tutorials, and other links to be assigned. Focus assignments have a minimum length of 500 words.

4. Photo Challenges

Each week we will have a photo challenge due. Here’s an example of one I assigned last semester. Photo challenges are assigned on a Monday and due that Friday. Then the next Wednesday, we will vote on that Photo Challenge. The winner will receive a print out of their winning shot and a sweet treat. Here’s an example of the voting from last semester.

Here are a few tips for maximum success in the photo challenges.

a. Always turn your photos in on or before the due date.
b. As you are taking the picture for the week ask yourself, how does my photo fit into the theme?
c. Also ask yourself, how is my photo more original than the other students ideas?
d. And finally, how can I turn this idea on its head, to make it really unique?

5. Photographer of the Day

I will post a different photographer everyday. You are responsible for any information presented in the Photographer of the Day posts. Click here to see an example. Each day it is also your responsibility to leave a comment, stating which photo is your favorite of the series and why. To leave a comment, click on the blog heading, then scroll down to the bottom to where the comment field is. All work done in the comments section will count towards your overall class participation grade

15 Responses to “How to Use this Blog”

  1. 2 Nay
    June 8, 2010 at 1:48 am


    I didn’t really know where I could post an e mail or comment, so I’m doing it here. Feel free to erase it if you feel it’s inappropriate here.

    I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated this blog, eventhough I’m not in your class. I myself follow photography-classes in Belgium, and it was really interesting to see the evolution of the students, your way of giving courses/advices through internet, and using this blog to share works.

    I’ld say, keep it going, so I can continue following and learning 🙂

    Congratz to your familly too!


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