Choose one of these photos to critique:

Then, in a word document write a paragraph about each of the following Critique Points. Make sure that you discuss each item underneath each heading.

1. Composition:

a. Rule of Thirds
b. Framing Devices
c. Leading Lines
d. Camera Angles

2. Technical

a. Exposure
b. White Balance
c. Levels
d. Contrast
e. Focus
f. Sharpness
g. Special Effects.
h. Lighting

3. Engagement

a. Emotional Reaction
b. How well two concepts are opposites

4. Commercial Appeal
a. Artistic or Commercial?

23 Responses to “Opposites: Diptych”

  1. 1 Samantha Wendorf
    January 12, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    I choose to do my critique on the rose picture because it caught my attention and it looked interesting to me. It looked interesting to me because of the color that jumps out of the picture and the total difference of the colors.
    The composition of the photograph has rule of thirds, no framing devices, no leading lines and a good camera angle. The rule of thirds for the photograph is on the left side more on the first picture and on the second it goes to the lower right corner. There is a little framing but not much because of the frame the person made. There are not any leading lines because the flower is the main object in bother pictures nothing else is there. The camera angle of the first picture is above the flower so you are able to see into the flower, while the second photo it is to the side so you can see the dries petals in detail.
    The technicalities of the picture are: it has a high exposure to color; the white balance is a little different, the level is the same, the contrast is a big thing in the first picture not the second, the focus is on the flowers in both, the sharpness is enhanced, both pictures both have special effects and the lighting is great. The exposure is used to enhance the color of the first picture and the second is to give it the blue tone. The white balance of the photo was adjusted a little from the show of the graph. On the levels graph it showed no change and the line was straight. The contrast of the photos was used so the color will pop out and it also helps brighten the color more. The focus on the flowers is really good because it shows that everything else is a blur and you can’t tell what the background is. The sharpness is enhanced because the flower looks more in focus than if it had less sharpness. I like how this person used the special effects because it make the first flower look like a painting or unreal, and it makes the second flower look depressing. The lighting on the photos shows the lines of the flowers and the angle the picture was taken at. Over all the technicalities of the photos made the picture what it is and it was for the better.
    The engagement of the picture is an emotional one and that is one way for the picture to show opposites of life and death, happy and sad, and colorful and dark. The emotional reaction can be happy for the first picture and depressed for the second. The concepts of the opposites are very obvious I just don’t know what one of the three opposites is the one she was trying to portray.
    The appeal of the photos seems to be more artistic than commercial because to me it just does not seem to be a commercial type of picture.

    January 11, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Critique Opposites Diptych
    In this assignment I’m going to choose the picture of the airplane. Where you can see the air plane from a bird’s eye view and where you can see the plane from the ground. The composition of this picture is how she set up to take the picture from both angles.
    In her picture she used The Rule of Thirds because in the pictures in every space you can always see something. Like in every third, diagonal and horizontal the picture is busy. There’s really no clear spaces expect the sky. I think she used the Rule of Thirds very well. The framing devices I see in this picture that she used were probably the border she used around both of her pictures. For the first picture on the left she used the airplane window as a frame. Very creative! For the second picture it looks like In a way she used the sky as a framing device because in the image it looks like the airplane is in the middle and everything around it it’s the sky.
    In her diptych I see leading lines everywhere and she used them in a very cool way. First of all you can see leading lines in the airplane. In the wing of the airplane and in the airplane it’s self. Second of all you can see leading lines from the bird’s eye view to the island. The island has all kinds of leading lines. In the picture on the right you can see the lines from a humans eye view and then you can also see the lines of the big tall buildings. When it comes to camera angles she used different angles which make the pictures look more different and unique.

    She added a little bit of exposure and light. Since these pictures were in a place where brightness light, and exposure come naturally to the picture it looks like she only had to add a little bit to make it stand out more. For white balance it looks like she made the clouds on her pictures more pure and with a more vivid white color. She did a really good job on that because it really makes a big difference on that. She managed levels very well too. Made the dark things have a stronger color and she did the same with the whites and grays too. She also used a lot of contrast to make her pictures look more alive. Contrast plays a big role on her images. Both of the images are in focus. No blur what’s so ever. For sharpness it doesn’t really look like she used much. It looks very smooth. No special effects were used. The images look very natural. It looks like she did add lighting. Just to make the light from the sun a little bit more visible.

    These pictures do make me have an emotional reaction. I love to look at them. Makes me want to be the one taking these photographs. Their just extremely amazing. These two pictures are very well opposites, it’s like you’re looking from the plane and then the opposite side would be looking at the plane. Very well appeal! Definitely artistic(:


  3. 3 Juana Gonzalez
    January 8, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    The picture that I choose is the one which is taken from an airplane with the opposite being a picture of the airplane in the sky. In the composition, the photographer created an interesting image. For the composition, of rule of thirds each photograph is focused in different ways because the left image is focused on the cloud or the end of the wing and the right side image is focused on the blue sky or cloud. For the framing devices, this picture shows that there are basically no framing devices for both pictures because the pictures aren’t being framed by something like a tree and door which means the images are opened out instead of being framed. The picture seems to have a couple of leading lines such as the straight line from the wing leading us to look at the land and the other picture has the building leading us toward the airplane, but I don’t feel that the leading lines are strong enough for the reason that we aren’t lead to. The camera angles are really different in these two pictures because the first one would have a direct not 90 or 45 degree angle but where we can see the focus points and the second photograph I feel is around a 45 or 55 degree angle for the reason that we see the airplane tipped to the left.
    In these pictures we could tell the technical details quickly. The exposure in these images is completely amazing because we could see the left image has enough exposure, but not a high exposure, and the second one has a little bit more exposure, which makes the picture look realistic. The white balance on the photographs is balanced out on the left image but not as much on the second image. The levels on the pictures on the first image I feel has a strong, or controlled white point as well as a gray point, but I don’t really the black point as much in the image. For the levels in the second image defiantly have a white point that is adjusted right and a black point well adjusted but kind of hard to find, but the picture is hard to notice the gray point. The contrast in these pictures is great because we could tell right way by the left picture having the blue or white colors stand out more and the right picture had the light blue of the sky stand out. The focus for both of these images are clear but I think the photographer could be able to make adjustments like not making a picture being tipped or zooming more into the land part. The sharpness in these photos is mostly clear but not as much because the left image has the land as the sharpest object we could see and the other image needs to have the airplane to be sharper because other people may think that the sky is the main focus. The special effects aren’t really applied to these pictures because the photographer could have just done minor adjustments. I would have to say that the lighting was adjusted to both pictures because the first image looks so light because of the clouds as well as the second picture which had a lot of light on the sky or clouds.
    The engagement of this image took me away because I extremely like these pictures. About these pictures, a have a strong felling because they are so amazing or colorful. The diptych shows that these two objects are opposites because they involve the same subject. The same subject in this case would be being on an airplane and seeing one. Also these pictures show a great example of a diptych because they’re completely different but then again related.
    From the commercial appeal I would have to say that this picture is artistic because the photographer knows what they are doing. The photographer knows what they are doing because the images are really talented, but needed a few adjustments to fix. The photographer’s work wouldn’t be considered commercial because they know what to focus or what to really change in their photographs.

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