From the Photo Series, “Fun in the Sun”

Click on this link, to create your critique based on the following categories:

1. Technical

2. Composition

3. Impact

4. Commercial Viability

Rate each image on the above categories on a scale from 1 to 10. Write a paragraph about each category.

Paste each critique into the form on the bottom of the page inside of the html tags. Then give the image an overall score out of a possible 1o points. Then post a comment to this page by copying the html code you have made into the comment section below.

12 Responses to “Photo Series Period Five”

  1. March 27, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Technical: 9
    Colors are very balance, not overwhelming.

    Composition: 8
    I like what’s included as far as the persons hair.

    Impact: 2
    This doesn’t really leave an impact. Nothing special or unique.

    Commercial Viability: 8
    For some reason, I can really picture this in some teen magazine. It portrays a teen girl well.

    Grade 6.75/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  2. 2 Kurtis Jordan
    March 27, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    Technical: 8
    The vibrance of colors is amazing i love the bright blue in the sky, and her green eyes i love the colors, its pleasing on the eye.

    Composition: 7
    Even with the girl in the background the picture has a very full effect. and the use of colors is amazing.

    Impact: 7
    it has a great lasting impact. It reminds me of summertime.

    Commercial Viability: 8
    The picture would be a great phot you would put in your house.

    Grade 7.5/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  3. 3 hollie cayton
    March 27, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Technical: 9
    This photo is overall great, i love the effect from th esun on there face, and how one person is closer than the other, and the girl that’s closer is focused on the camera, the other girl is focused on something else.

    Composition: 9
    Well the other girl that’s not so close is more out of out of focus, and so is a lot of things that are father away.

    Impact: 9
    I love the bright colors, i think that the pink and blue extentions in one of the girls hair gives it an interesting look, and the girls expressions are.

    Commercial Viability: 9
    I can see this going somewhere, that’s for sure. I don’t know what it is about it, but this image really stands out.

    Grade 9/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  4. 4 tiffany yanoupeth
    March 27, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Technical: 10
    I think that the balance of this whole photo was so good. Everything in the pictuer capture the eye. I like how not only does the girl in the front of the photo stands out, but I also like how the girl in the back also stands out as well.

    Composition: 10
    The picture was well laid out and it has a natural frame. I love how the girls in the picture are the main focus, but you also can notice the grass that is under then and the sky above them.

    Impact: 9
    I will remember this photo for the vivid colors and all the details that the picture has in it.

    Commercial Viability: 9
    I can see this picture on the cover of a teen magazine or like a picture to advertise a place to come and visit when its time to take a vacation.

    Grade 9.5/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  5. 5 Kristin Guest
    March 27, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Technical: 8
    I LOVE the focus in this picture: the girl in the background is blurry but the girl in the foreground is in near perfect focus. I also like that the colors aren’t faded. It could be because of the sun but the colors seem ususally vivid.

    Composition: 8
    A great thing about this photograph is the positioning of the subjects. I like that the foreground girl is on left side of the frame and the other girl is on the other side.

    Impact: 8
    I think I’ll remember this photo because of the feeling of summer. I would like to visit the location because I remember laying out in the grass during the summer. It’s really relaxing.

    Commercial Viability: 7
    I’m not sure what you could use this picture in, perhaps summer? You could use this in a calendar I suppose.

    Grade 7.75/10

  6. March 27, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Technical: 10
    I think that the color balance is amazing! Everything stands out from the girls eye to the grass. There was a lot of details in the photograph too!

    Composition: 8
    The perspective of this photo was good!

    Impact: 8
    Yeah, I think that I will remember the picture because i actually think that I know the girl in the photograph.

    Commercial Viability: 9
    Well, I think I would see this picture being on myspace or something? Or like on the someones house. i don’t know.

    Grade 8.75/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  7. 7 Luis Vela
    March 27, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Technical: 9
    The color range in this picure is amazing. Its so bright and colorful and everything is in focus

    Composition: 9
    THe entire picture is focus and uses up the entire frame.

    Impact: 9
    The blondes eyes just seem to pierce into my soul lol. I dont what, but its just mesmerizing

    Commercial Viability: 10
    There are, many things you could sell this with, calenders, coffee mugs, brochures, Clothing stores or at a Ford store

    Grade 9.25/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  8. 8 Olga Simakova
    March 27, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Technical: 9
    The color of this balance of this image is i think is great. The sharpness of this image is really good because you can see very good of the grass.

    Composition: 8
    The main the part of this image is not in the middle it’s the sides. The sky is the part tells you that it was very nice and warm and sunny.

    Impact: 9
    This photo really makes me feel like i’m in there with them. The sky really catched my eye and makes me want to go see that place, visit the place.

    Commercial Viability: 7
    This would go good on a poster to show how warm the place is. I think that this will be great for articles because they can show how really good the photographer is.

    Grade 8.25/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  9. 9 Tyler Bradley
    March 27, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Technical: 8
    The color is amazing in this photo.

    Composition: 7
    The picture shows the objects in good color and makes them stand out.

    Impact: 7
    I like how they are laying in the sun. It really shows them and brings out the colors.

    Commercial Viability: 5
    This picture shows good fine art and detail

    Grade 6.75/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

  10. March 27, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Technical: 7
    I think the colors in the photo look good.

    Composition: 7
    The perspectives of the photo were good.

    Impact: 6
    I think that i probably wouldnt really remember this photo because it is taken of people and many photographers take photos of people.

    Commercial Viability: 7
    I think overall this is a good photo.

    Grade 6.75/10 as seen in

    (generated by the G&C helper)

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